SEO Wigan provides SEO services to Wigan businesses

SEO Wigan takes care of everything from social media through to branding and search marketing. * Note: in the interest of avoiding SEO Wigan takes care of everything from social media through to branding and search marketing. * Note: in the interest of avoiding conflicting interests, we generally only accept one niche per business (i.e. no duplicates) unless each client is targeting a different geographical area with the same service or product. If your business is outside of Wigan and your niche is not already one we market in, your application is most welcome. Contact us for more information.
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Requesting your quote takes a minute and we'll get back to you with your options typically within 24 hours.

Start the Conversation
Contact us to get the conversation started. Let us know what you want to achieve online.
We'll Provide The Plan
We'll analyise your website and your niche to come up with the best options to suit your goals and your budget.
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We'll get to work doing what we do best: getting your business ranking in Google and growing your online reach.
You get to Win!
We'll systematically work on each of your target search terms to get you where you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will it take me to beat my competitors?

This depends on how many competitors you're up against and how well optimised they are. Those 2 things will largely determine how much work will be needed to match and beat their SEO effort.

Do you provide SEO services for other SEOs?

Yes. If you wish to sell SEO services to your own clients please enquire via the contact page.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Wigan SEO does not tie anybody down to a contract. So far, it's worked perfectly.

What is SEO or SEM?

SEO: short for Search Engine Optimisation – is the act of making your website more accessible to search engines. SEM: short for Search Engine Marketing – is the act of marketing your website on the Internet. The term SEO is generally used to mean 'all things' relating to online marketing, not just optimising a web page. On this website, the term SEO is also used to mean optimisation and general marketing activities.

Why do I need links?

Getting links back to your website (known as 'backlinks') is a key part of SEO and an essential part of any Internet Marketing strategy. However, AVOID buying links and don't enter into any linking schemes. A link is a 'vote' and must be earned. Gone are the days when you could buy a thousand links and impact your link profile in a positive way. Today, this is the surest way to get penalised by a search engine.

Does Wigan SEO consider joint ventures?

We're often asked to consider providing SEO services in return for a % of sales. If this is something you plan to propose, we will provide the criteria that must be met by the business in question.


Local SEO
Want to be a big player in your local niche? We'll make it happen. Wigan businesses get priority placing.
SEO for single micro-business owners through to enterprise and agency level companies, local and global.
Video Creation & Marketing
Need a video ad to promote your business? We'll take care of it, from single ads to bigger video projects.
Social Media Management
We manage and grow your social media presence through Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.
Website Design
Need a modern, up-to-date, optimised website for your business? Need a company blog? Talk to us.
Logo Design
We handle professional logo design (web and print) as well as low-budget web-ready logo designs.
Need a full rebrand from the ground up? We'll take care of it - from logo redesigns through to full rebrands.
Want to sell online? We'll get your state of the art e-commerce store online within a month (typically).
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